Top 5 Love Paintings of All Time

Top 5 Love Paintings of All Time

There are many renowned artists who have created beautiful love paintings. Here are the top 5 love painting of all times that will amaze you.


The Jewish Bride (c1666)

The verses from Corinthians ‘Love is patient, love is kind’ is often read at weddings. This masterpiece is very loving in every respect. We don’t know much about the young couple. We don’t know whether she was a bride or whether they were Jewish. Their faces are radiant, and their gestures are lovely. This painting is a representation of patience and love.


The Honeysuckle Bower (c1609)

The picture shows that Rubens is sitting hand-in-hand with his new wife, Isabella Brant. She is smiling sweetly; he sits relaxed. The garden is beautiful, and the couple is secure in love. They are a perfect match. The portrait is conversational and sensuous.


The Surprise (c1718)

As the sun sets, a musician is strumming close to a young couple who are locked in a passionate clinch. They seem not to be aware of the musician. It seems that they are not even listening to the music.


Dance in the Country (1883)

The couple in this painting is swept away by the summer’s heat, music, and dance. He holds her by the wrist and waist. The composition of the painting is very soft. The smile on the girl’s face is beautiful. It shows how happy she is.


The Kiss (1908)

The lovers in the painting are wrapped in each other in an everlasting kiss. Their love seems to be out of this world. They are covered in rich cloth and jewelry; only her elegant toes are showing. There are flowers in their hair. It is the most famous kiss in painting.

All these paintings remind us how love is passionate and blind. When a couple in love are with each other nothing in the world seems to matter. These paintings are the perfect portrayal of love.

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