4 Ways Culture Can Affect our Relationship

4 Ways Culture Can Affect our Relationship

Every relationship suffers good times and bad times. Two people from different cultures might fall in love, but it affects their relationships in various ways.


If you or your partner comes from a different culture, then miscommunication can happen. Your partner may speak English too, but as it’s not the native language of your partner, he or she might understand things differently.


The way jealousy or possessiveness is interpreted between cultures. For instance, in Arab culture, if a guy tells about his jealousy or becomes possessive, it means that he is being cared. But in other cultures, it might mean being controlling.


Food is an important part of life, and the kind of food you eat may affect your relationship. For example, the Arab people eat meat and a carbohydrate-based dish; whereas, Chinese people mostly eat vegetables. So, two types of food will be cooked in the house.

Gender roles

Gender roles in cultures differ. In some culture, take, like fixing plumbing problems or taking out the trash, is known to be ‘guy chores’; on the other hand, cooking and taking care of the house is the ‘girl chores.’ Other cultures may be more liberal, and there is no such thing as ‘guy chore’ or ‘girl chore.’

These are some ways culture can affect a relationship. If two people from different cultures are staying together, then they should try to minimize the differences between the two people so that they can live happily.